Enrollment Form Help
Use this page to enroll in ADP Card. If you enroll, your pay will be deposited to your ADP Card every payday. To enroll, complete the form.
Personal and Contact Information
Enter your Personal Information in the fields provided. You must complete all fields. Mother’s Maiden Name is used as a second level of authentication. You may use any name you like as long as you remember what you used.

Enter your Contact Information in the fields provided. In the Home Phone Number field, enter the phone number from which you will call to activate your ADP Card (e.g., home, cell, or work). You must complete all fields except for Street Address 2 and E-mail Address. Note that if you do not provide your e-mail address, we cannot communicate with you about the status of your ADP Card enrollment.
Account Preferences
Indicate your Account Preferences by clicking the appropriate selection(s).

The ADP Card Bank is the bank that will issue (provide) your ADP Card. You do not need to have an account with this bank. You will need to select which bank you want to issue your card. Choose the bank with ATMs that are easily accessible to you. If you need more information about a bank before making a selection, click the Cardholder Agreement and/or Privacy Statement links.

To view cardholder agreements and privacy statements, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Adobe Reader is free. To get a copy, click the Get Adobe Reader link.

You may have the option of choosing a Deposit Type. Choosing “all” means your entire net pay will be deposited to your card. Choosing “part” means only the amount you enter in the Deposit Amount field will be deposited to your card. You will always be able to adjust the dollars being deposited to your ADP Card by contacting your payroll department.
Continuing the Enrollment Process
To go to the next step in the enrollment process, click the Continue button.
Exiting this Page Without Enrolling  
To exit this page without enrolling, click the Cancel button. Clicking Cancel will clear the form, and your information will not be saved.
For More Help  
If you need additional help with your enrollment, contact your company’s ADP Card representative. This person’s name and contact information are displayed at the top of the Enrollment Form page.

Last Updated 11 March 2005